20 Reasons Aluminum Truck Bodies Are Better Than Steel

Custom Designed

JOMAC crafts customized service trucks based on the unique needs of each individual customer. Built to spec, each utility truck body is created with precision, bringing your blueprint of the perfect work truck to life. We guarantee a service truck body optimized to meet the demands of your work and exceed your expectations of what a service truck can be.

Hand Built

All service truck bodies and cranes are carefully hand-crafted at our Carrollton, OH facility. We do not cut corners with cookie-cutter configurations. JOMAC dedicates the time and effort required to create one-of-a-kind service trucks and cranes, made in the heart of America. Our custom truck body designs and truck-mounted cranes are forged by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. No assembly lines necessary.

Only Al

Aluminum is a durable and light weight solution for the unnecessarily heavy steel service trucks of years past. The forward-thinking engineers at JOMAC build truck bodies using exclusively 6000 series, military grade aluminum. Each aluminum truck body is guaranteed to be rust-free for life. Seriously.

JOMAC Blog » 20 Reasons Aluminum Truck Bodies Are Better Than Steel
20 Reasons Aluminum Truck Bodies Are Better Than Steel

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Aluminum truck beds carry benefits that cannot be achieved with a steel service bed. Regardless of what angle you look at, the advances in aluminum alloy have allowed aluminum truck beds to chisel a clear-cut advantage over their steel counterparts.

Aluminum service bodies are the work truck of the present and future. Reduced vehicle weight, better fuel economy, enhanced cargo capabilities, and truck body longevity are amongst the most cited reasons as to why.

To elaborate further, we have created a master list of why an aluminum truck body is the only option you should consider…

 aluminum truck beds benefits infographic2

Fuel savings

As mentioned above, aluminum service bodies are certain to reduce your overall fuel expenses. Aluminum is roughly 1/3 the weight of steel, slashing your curb weight significantly. Estimated fuel savings often range between 15%-30% year-over-year when upgrading to aluminum.



Aluminum is an eco-friendly truck body option. When you reduce the amount of fuel necessary to power a vehicle (due to the lighter weight) you consequently reduce the emissions given off by that vehicle. Not only that, scrap aluminum from fabrication can be easily recycled.


Reduced curb weight

The aluminum service bed will reduce the curb weight of the vehicle. The reduced weight will provide a series of benefits to truck, not limited to an ultra-light work vehicle.

 Aluminum service bodies payload inforgraphic

Higher Payloads

The lighter the curb weight, the more cargo a service truck body can haul. Aluminum provides you with maximum efficiency when it comes to reducing unnecessary curb weight. The result is an impactful increase in payload capabilities with the same chassis.


More options for storage

Aluminum truck beds allow more options for storage by nature of their design. The increased allowance of payload and the light weight of the truck body allow for various options, including but not limited to, through-body, under-deck storage, custom drawers and other storage solutions.

Aluminum bodies are the perfect problem-solver for the folks with too many tools or oddly shaped tools that need more space to store them.


More options for cargo

Along with more storage, aluminum service beds provide more options for cargo. We reference again the increase in payload capabilities as a key proponent that allows aluminum to reign superior over steel service bodies.

With the ability to haul more weight, you can load more cargo on your service body in one trip.

Efficiency and optimization defined.


No Rust, Ever

Rust and steel service bodies go together like spaghetti and meatballs. Like peas and carrots. Like Bonnie and Clyde. They are inseparable.

Aluminum wants nothing to do with rust.

Aluminum is preventative when it comes to oxidization. Aluminum ain’t gonna rust.

That means a more reliable, longer-lasting service body.

Pretty freakin’ cool, eh?



A decrease in weight allows for more heavy-duty tools. A mobile crane can increase job site efficiency, increase speed of completion, and decrease long-term costs accrued by renting.

While both steel and aluminum truck bodies can accommodate a mobile crane, the aluminum truck body has a distinct advantage in its light weight technology.

Whether you choose to use the light-weight advantage as an opportunity to install a larger crane or take advantage of the increased payload capabilities, aluminum has the advantage.



Gone are the days where the argument, “Steel truck bodies are stronger than aluminum!” has validity.

Some service truck manufacturers now use military grade aluminum (you know, what they build aircrafts and rocket ships out of) to construct their work truck beds and service bodies.

With the upgrades in aluminum alloy technology, you reap the benefits of vehicle weight reduction without losing durability.



For this category alone, aluminum service bodies should be the only option that you consider when upgrading truck bodies.

Truck bodies made with aluminum outlast their steel predecessors by several years.

They refuse to rust and maintain structural integrity, all while providing a slew of benefits that steel cannot touch.

Some companies have gone so far as to guarantee aluminum truck bodies for life.

You read that right.

By the way, JOMAC guarantees their aluminum service bodies for life, and you can inquire more about that here if interested.

Moving right along then…


Less mileage for the same job (higher payloads=fewer trips)

The reduction in fuel costs can be attributed to higher payload capacity (along with lower overall vehicle weight, as mentioned above).

The higher payload fuel savings is fundamentally different than the fuel savings from a lighter truck body.

To avoid confusion, a higher payload capacity reduces the number of trips needed to complete a job, which is different than fuel savings on a lighter truck.


You can either save money on fuel by running a lighter truck (because aluminum is lighter) OR you can reduce the number of trips needed by loading more cargo which is allowed by a lower overall vehicle weight.

Either way, you are saving money on fuel.

 Alumnum Service Bodies Investment infographic

Reduced chassis wear

Chassis wear and damage is drastically reduced by implementing an aluminum truck body. The light weight design of an aluminum service body increases chassis longevity by decreasing the amount of weight it is regularly subjected to.

When you consider that at least part of the time you are not running your service truck at maximum payload capacity, the overall weight on average will be less than if you were running a steel service body.

That leads to less wear on your chassis. And that leads to a longer chassis life expectancy.


That saves you money.

Cuz’ that’s what aluminum truck bodies do. They save you money.


Professional aesthetic

The sleek appearance of a truck body constructed from aluminum provides an added, professional appeal to your service rig.

Appearances do matter, regardless of your industry. They build an unspoken level of trust with your customers.

Put yourself in their position.

Who are you going to hire?

The guy with the shiny truck body, or the one with the appearance of rust on their wheel wall.

Be a shiny truck guy, without rust on their wheel walls.

Because aluminum truck bodies don’t rust.


Less general maintenance

Less chassis maintenance, less truck maintenance, less service body maintenance, and less overall maintenance is what to expect with an aluminum truck body.

Due to aluminum’s resistance to rust, truck body repairs are essentially non-existent (unless there is structural damage to the physical body). In that case, aluminum still provides an edge, with its ease of repair. Aluminum is easier to cut for making repairs, and additional welds can be performed without considerable effort.

Note: Always consult with a truck body manufacturer before seeking repairs from third parties, as they could compromise any warranty coverage.

A combination of strength, longevity, and crucial light weight design create a perfect storm of cost savings, maintenance reduction, and proactive prevention of lost time.


Better resale value

Aluminum service bodies hold value.

The resale price tag on aluminum bodies is thanks to their ability to withstand years of use and resist deterioration caused by rust and other environmental factors.

Aluminum also aids in extending the lifetime and health of your truck chassis, making a used aluminum utility body more appealing to potential buyers.


More customizable options

The prime choice for any custom utility bed, aluminum allows for more features and functions to be added to the work bed without additional weight.

By altering the total weight of the truck body through use of aluminum, additional cabinets, utility truck boxes, roller drawers can be added without a second thought.

Aluminum allows contractors and businesses to select specialized features that complement their specific industry or business.


Double walled protection

The light weight properties of aluminum as a material allow some truck body producers to offer double-walled protection on all cabinets and utility truck boxes. It’s something that cannot be accomplished with steel due to the weight disparity.

By adding an additional wall of layered protection on your utility body, you can ensure that the truck bed will stay in production even if minor damages are incurred.


Better service for your customers

Eliminating and preventing down-time on your truck body allows you to better server your customers and clients.

Aluminum truck beds provide several preventative measures (such as double-walled protection and alleviation of chassis wear) that allow you to stay in production mode longer.

This leads to jobs getting done quicker, happier customers, more referrals, and an overall positive reputation for you and your business.


Increase in productive hours

Again, by preventing maintenance periods and taking measures to do so, you will increase your productivity across your business with aluminum truck bodies.

Less maintenance, more cargo capacity, better fuel mileage, etc. are all minor aspects of operation when considered individually.

However, if you add up the hours and days that these inconveniences cause, you will notice it equals a rather significant amount of time.

That time is meant for working and growing your business.

Aluminum truck bodies provide the benefits that allow you to do just that: make more money.


The future

The aluminum utility body is a tool, but also an investment that retains value in a way that steel service bodies cannot.

Considering the resale value and lifetime expectancy of an aluminum truck body exceeds that of aluminum, you can rely on an aluminum truck bed to continue providing a return on investment for several years to come.


Thinking about upgrading?

Curious as to the cost of an aluminum service body?

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