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JOMAC is confident in our products. Everything that leaves our facility goes through a very detailed inspection to assure no defects in material or workmanship. That is why we have the ability to offer a 10-Year Return-To-Factory Warranty. We can make it even easier than that though. We have established Service Centers in key geographical areas across The United States. Do you have an issue? Contact us and we can refer you to one of our service locations to provide you with the support that you are looking for.

Hand-Built products are of the highest quality because of the precise attention to detail, unlike assembly line factories. We will always back our product up. JOMAC is here to make things easier for you. We have very qualified crane technicians that can often troubleshoot minor problems over the phone, we want to keep your bodies and cranes up and running.

JOMAC rarely sees defective product come back, but when we do we are here for our customers, we stand for quality. In the event you have a question about our truck body or crane warranty, please download the files below to review the terms and conditions of each. If you do have a warranty claim please download the warranty claim form below and return it to us, we will then contact you to make arrangements for repair.

10-Year Return To Factory Warranties & Claim Form

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Bodies Warranty
10-Year Structural Warranty
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Cranes Warranty
10-Year Fabricated Structure Warranty
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Warranty Claim Form

Extended Warranties Available.

JOMAC Service and Inspection Plans

JOMAC's Service and Inspection Plans are designed to keep your crane in optimum operating condition. We want to further prolong the lifespan of your equipment by keeping it running at its highest potential. Service and Inspection plans can be scheduled quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Highly trained factory personnel will inspect and test electrical and hydraulic components at JOMAC factory or within a 150 mile radius of our location, depending on which option is more favorable for your location. For your convenience JOMAC has established multiple service locations throughout many states to provide fast and efcient services to our customers. Once the crane inspection is complete an estimate will be provided for any repairs our technicians see to be necessary. Depending on the situation and severity of the needed repair we may be able to repair on site, or schedule it for repair at a later date at our facility or one of our service locations. Our main goal is to assure that your equipment is operating safely and trouble free at its full capacity for its full life span.

We will help you manage your equipment program by contacting you when your equipment is due to be serviced and we will provide service records of your equipment. In addition, we will le and maintain your service records for you to have access to at your convenience.

Advantages to JOMAC Service Plans

  • Regular maintenance will result in fewer costly emergency repairs
  • Less downtime leading to producing more profits
  • Longer equipment life span
  • Operating equipment safely
  • Abiding to all OSHA regulations and avoiding fines for uninspected equipment
  • Convenience to your equipment's location
  • Longevity cost efficiency

Service and Inspection Plans are offered as standard packages or you have the opportunity to customize your plan to your equipment's needs.

Quote Your Service Plan Today!

Get a quick quote from JOMAC and be on the way to accomplishing all of the goals associated with your service vehicles.

Hassle-Free OSHA Compliance

We'll Take Care of That For You!

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, also known as OSHA, requires that all cranes be inspected on a yearly basis. OSHA states in Standard 1926.550 (a) (6) that a "thorough, annual inspection of the hoisting machinery shall be made by a competent person, or by a government or private agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. The employers shall maintain a record of the dates and the results of inspections for each hoisting machine and piece of equipment." You may wonder what qualifies someone as a competent person. OSHA defines that in 29 CFR 1926.32 (f) as "one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them".

Who do you believe to be the most qualified competent candidate to inspect your crane? JOMAC designed and manufactured your crane, trust us and our certified service centers to assure that your crane is operating safely at its full capacity.

At JOMAC, we not only care about your equipment but we also care about your safety. We are committed to offering high quality products that exceed their own life span. Annual inspections of your crane will allow for identification of any issues or potential problems that may cause damage to your product or even costly down-time. Inspections also significantly reduce any safety operating issues, make the right decision to keep your crew safe. Yearly inspections are going to save your company both time and money while increasing the longevity of your JOMAC Crane's life span.

We encourage you, our valued customer, to review OSHA Sections 1926.550, 1910.180, and 1926.251 to be sure you are compliant with OSHA's Standards.

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