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JOMAC is a USA based manufacturer of tire truck bodies & cranes. JOMAC's Tire Truck Bodies are durable and built custom for your needs. Please read through the stories below and see the difference in our Tire Trucks.

Ferguson Tire Service Truck

11-Foot Tire Truck Body with JOMAC HFC-3016 Crane

This is a 11 Foot Tire Service Body from 2011 with a JOMAC HFC-3016 crane. This particular customer wanted minimal cabinet space to be able to utilize all available bed space for their tire hauling needs. As most tire service trucks do, this one included an air compressor and liftgate to make their day to day duties easier. Air hose reels are almost a necessity on tire trucks to diminish the wasted time untangling hoses. The e-track you see installed in the truck bed securely holds the tires in place during transport. We added a few strobes also to assure maximum safety while working in dangerous areas. As you can see, this tire truck body is nearly a tire shop on wheels.

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Miller Brothers Tire Service Truck

2014 Ford Customized Tire Service Truck with JOMAC HFC-3016 Crane

2014 13 Foot customized tire truck body completed with all the options and accessories to get the job done right. This build included a JOMAC HFC-3016 Knuckle Boom Crane, which has a total hydraulic extension of 15 ½ feet and can lift up to 5,000 pounds at six feet. These cabinet dimensions of this tire service truck body were customized to meet the customer’s needs. They designated a place for everything to increase efficiency and decrease time spent looking for a particular tool. When you open up these cabinet doors you will find conveniently placed shelves with dividers for all necessary cargo hauling needs. This customer decided to raise the side rails an additional 12” for an overall height of 58”.

Since everything is hand built at JOMAC, we have the ability to make customized alterations unlike the original assembly-line body manufacturers. An air compressor and lift gate are convenient accessories for tire service truck bodies. The hose reels on this truck neatly contain the multiple hoses when traveling to and from job sites. After adding some bright LED lighting, JOMAC heavy-duty roller drawers, and some extra shelves this tire service truck was ready to get to work.

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JOMAC is a United States based manufacturer of Custom Aluminum Bodied Tire Trucks and Cranes. You may be interested in the links below.

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