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JOMAC Propane Service Trucks

BeCo Propane Service Truck

This propane service truck was built from the ground up for BeCo Propane out of Mifflinburg, PA. JOMAC built this propane truck specifically to meet their needs. JOMAC ensured that this truck is top of the line by first basing it with the body of a 2014 Ford F550 4x4 Diesel, which has a 6.8L 3-valve SOHC EFI V10 engine (the only V10 gas engine in its class), maximum payload rating of 19,500 pounds, 362 horsepower, and 457lb.-ft. of torque. Since it has a diesel engine, it also includes Ford's Live Drive Power Takeoff. The PTO utilizes an output gear linked directly to the engine crankshaft to power upfits (an equipment addition to a vehicle when it is not available as a factory installed item) anytime the engine is running and allows for operation of up to 15 accessories whether the truck is moving or stopped.

This truck is built to last with the addition of the HFC-4500 Aluminum Propane Service/Delivery Body, which is 33% lighter than a steel body, saving fuel costs and reducing the likelihood of rust accumulation. Their leading edge wirelessly remote-controlled HFC-4527 Articulated Crane helps the operator follow the load with an extended field of vision to avoid any potential accidents while it is moving. The crane has a lift capacity of 45,000 ft. lbs., a maximum reach of 27' 9'' from centerline, and an overload alarm protection system. JOMAC hooked this truck up with a 25-gallon hydraulic tank with step access, a single-circuit hose kit, rear-mounted outriggers, swiveling Betts flood lights and switch, and rumble recycled tire rubber flooring (which is stronger and more durable than wood or other composites, water, oil, fuel or other fluid resistant, UV resistant, cushioning to the payload, and its boards will not crack, rot, or split).

Superior Plus Energy Propane Service Truck

5013 Series Propane Body with JOMAC STC-90 Telescopic Crane

This is a 5013 Series Propane Service Body with a JOMAC STC-90 Crane. The STC-90 is a 9,000 LB crane with a hydraulic extension to 16 feet and a manual extension to 20 feet. On the back you’ll see a Thieman Liftgate for ease of loading and unloading propane cylinders. Under the body is a heavy duty cement block carrier. Removable side rails are a favorable feature for the transporting of gas cylinders. A LP body is not complete without a JOMAC gas fitters workstation. It contains all the components to have your tools and fittings readily at hand. Roller drawers, lighting, water manometer mounting plate, shelving, roller shelf, and a vise will help to make your field service go smoother and more efficient.

The tank saddle accessory added to this truck has a 41” radius and be used to transport 250, 330, 500, or even 1,000 gallon tanks. For safety purposed, all of our LP bodies leave JOMAC with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and triangle reflectors. This is one example of a perfectly put together set truck ready to enter the field.

Yankee Propane Service Truck

12 Foot propane service body with a JOMAC HFC-3019 which will lift up to 1000 LBS at its full extension of 19 feet. The sub-frame on this body is designed specifically for the HFC-3000 cranes to reduce any load stress from the body. On this truck bed you’ll find 8 galvanized D-Rings conveniently placed for double strapping two 500 gallon tanks. In addition this body with standard with e-track behind the cabinets and 10 tie down rings for safe cylinder transportation. On the back of this truck is a 1600 LB capacity with a 44” 2-piece folding aluminum platform. Behind the bi-fold doors you’ll find a JOMAC LP Service package complete with everything necessary to have your parts and tools readily at hand. The roller drawers and shelves are designed for LP parts and fittings along with regulator boxes.

A roll out shelf with a Wilton Vise is conveniently placed where you’ll need it most. These cabinet lights not only light up the cabinet but also the surrounding ground so those night time service calls aren’t so difficult anymore. This customer hauls upright tanks also so the removable rails to keep those tanks secure are a necessity.

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