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JOMAC Mechanics Service Trucks

Halmar International

7002 Series Mechanics Service Body on a Ford F-550

7002 Mechanics Body on a Ford F-550. As all mechanics bodies too, this one also has a large amount of cabinet space with JOMAC custom roller drawers to assist in keeping their tools and parts better organized and easily accessible. A standalone multifunction diesel drive power unit on this truck equals more time working and shorter time on each jobsite. A STC-90 is mounted on this body with the same heavy duty substructure that we mount on every mechanics body. It also features a work bench with a thru-cabinet to store those long tools. Led Flood lights and cabinet lights were added to not only light up the truck but also light up the perimeter of the truck for night time calls. An anti-slip floor coating was also installed to prevent slipping especially while working in the rain.


R&R Construction

Hino Chassis with a 7006 Series Mechanics Body

Hino Chassis with a 7006 Mechanics Body. The GVWR on this chassis was 25,900 and the final weight with the body was 15,800, leaving 10,000 pounds of payload which is nearly unheard of. This body featured a large amount of storage space with many JOMAC customized roller drawers designed to suit the customer’s needs. A JOMAC STC-90 was added with a hydraulic extension of 16 feet and manual extension to 20 feet with a 9,000 pounds lifting capacity. What mechanic doesn’t need an air compressor? So we added on a V-MAC Predatair with 40 CFM at 150 PSI. This customer wanted to light up the truck, so we added on a few amber strobes, cabinet lights, and flood lights. With the addition of some air hoses and a grab handle to ease getting in and out of the truck, this mechanic was ready to go to work.


Worldwide Mechanics Service Truck

11 FT. Mechanics Service Body with JOMAC STC-140 Crane

Loaded mechanics service truck starting with a 11 foot body. Custom cabinet dimensions were used to hold all of this customer's cargo. Street side has 62" high cabinets while curb side has a 61.5" high cabinet and also a 70" high vertical. The work bench bumper has a 5/8" thick hitch mount plate to provide additional strength. A Lincoln welder and Boss air compressor were added on the top of the cabinets for easy access to the tools needed most. Drawers, shelves and lighting are among the accessories added to this truck. Anti-slip coating in the bed and on the workbench is a convenient component for working on rainy days or in slippery conditions.

A JOMAC STC-140 is mounted on this fully loaded mechanics truck. It has a total reach of 21 feet and six inches. The maximum lifting capacity is 14,000 pounds at six feet and 3720 pounds at 21 feet 6 inches.

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