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Propane Service Truck
with Knuckle Boom Crane For Sale

This is one of many service trucks that JOMAC has to offer for the Propane Delivery Industry. It is another fine example of JOMAC's dedication to perfection when it comes to building the best service trucks in the business.

Propane Service Truck with Knuckle Boom Crane For Sale

The truck is based on a 2013 Ford F-550 4x4 diesel cab and 19,500 GVWR chassis. JOMAC frequently uses these exceptional work-horses as a jumping-off point for builds. The body of this propane truck is manufactured from aluminum and hand built. JOMAC used aluminum for this service body and typically uses aluminum on every upfit. Aluminum is lighter weight and more durable than steel. What that ultimately means for you is less stress placed on your drive train, and subsequently more cash in your pocket.

Propane Service Truck with Knuckle Boom Crane For Sale

Aside from these features, the truck also has an articulated/knuckle boom crane that can be operated by JOMAC's wireless remote control unit. The JOMAC HFC-3019 (click to view specs) that is pictured, has a crane capacity rating of 30,000 ft. lbs. and a maximum centerline reach of 19 feet or 5.79 meters. The oil tank capacity of this boom crane is 10 gallons or 37.9 liters.

This truck also features the JOVAC. JOVAC is JOMAC's patented hydraulic propane vapor evacuation pump that utilizes the PTO hydraulic system on your truck. The JOVAC is 20% faster than the majority of other pumps and eliminates the problems and dangers associated with bulky, noisy, gas powered evacuation pumps currently on the market. This means there are no sparks or high heat that may be associated with gas driven units. No need to carry gasoline, no problem starts in cold weather, no adjusting belts or slipping clutches, no more engine motor oil to check either since the JOVAC is driven by the hydraulic system on your truck.

Propane Service Truck with Knuckle Boom Crane For Sale

Service Truck Features:

  • 2013 Ford F-550 4x4 Diesel Pick-Up
  • Articulated Boom Crane
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Jo-Vac: Hydraulic Propane Vapor Evacuation Pump
  • PTO and Pump System
  • Hose Kit
  • 15 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • Wheel Chock Holder
  • 2 Swiveling BETTs Flood Lights
  • Propane Tank Saddle
  • Modular Roller Drawer Cabinets
  • Fire Extinguisher
Propane Service Truck with Knuckle Boom Crane For Sale

JOMAC is a leader in building propane delivery trucks. JOMAC Truck Bodies and Cranes come with a 10 Year Return to Factory Warranty. We specialize in customized service trucks with cranes. We manufacture service truck bodies, knuckle boom and telescopic cranes at our headquarters in Carrollton, Ohio USA.

JOMAC is a member of the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association). For more information, visit their website.

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