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Swissvale Volunteer Firefighers Relief Association

2014 Fire Department Utility Body with Customized Options

2014 Fire Department Utility Body with customized options. This body was built with roll-up doors for quick access to the cabinets. This body had over 85 square feet of cabinet space to have the ability to hold all the fire tools and apparatus’s necessary for the emergency site. A step bumper added to the back of this body eases the ability to quickly get in and out of the back of the truck. The bumper has a 12,000 pound pull capacity for all the department’s hauling needs.


VFD Body

4003 Series Utility Body in a Mill Finish

4003 Series utility body in a mill finish. This body also has the roll up style doors for many times those are preferred by the fire and rescue departments. As a customization, this customer chose to raise the front and back cabinets to 60" tall to have more cabinet storage space. A bumper was added with a hitch with 12,000 pound pull capacity. Also included on the bumper was a trailer connection for their hauling needs. Stone guards were an add-on option that they chose which are on the front side of the cabinets to protect against chipped paint from rocks. This truck was ready to enter the field when it left our facility.

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