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Lifting the Expectations of Quality: Knuckle Boom, Articulating, Telescopic

JOMAC Truck Cranes are the perfect solution for your lifting needs for your service business. JOMAC manufactures Knuckle Boom (articulating) and Telescoping Cranes to be mounted to our service bodies. Both Knuckle Booms & Telescopic Cranes offer strategic advantages based on their intended use. With a variety of mounting options for mobile cranes, JOMAC will help you decide where your crane will serve the highest level of purpose. When mounting a JOMAC Crane on an mechanics truck body we use a proprietary, heavy duty steel substructure to provide years of unfailing performance, even under harsh use. When you purchase a JOMAC Knuckle Boom (Articulated) Crane Truck, rest assured it has been designed and manufactured for the long haul.

Flexible Mounting

A JOMAC truck mounted crane can be positioned almost anywhere on the body. Different types of outriggers may be required based on the mounting area. The outriggers of the mobile crane spread the load evenly dependent on the crane mounting. JOMAC truck bodies can incorporate several different outriggers to allow you to place the crane on your truck; where you need it, and where you want it.

Knuckle Boom Crane Trucks

Our knuckle boom cranes use a worm drive rotation. The footprint of our Knuckle Boom Crane is typically a lot smaller than foreign cranes allowing JOMAC cranes to be mounted just about anywhere on the body with proper reinforcement.

Knuckle Boom Crane Truck

Service Truck Mounted Telescoping Boom Cranes

JOMAC's telescopic boom cranes are some of the industry's most popular for their versatility. Our telescopic cranes range in lifting capacity from 6,000 to 14,000 pounds. JOMAC's 14,000 pound telescopic crane has the longest reach and lifting capacity available.

Telescopic Boom Crane Truck

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Bigger isn't always better. What application are you using your mobile crane for? Sometimes more capacity at a closer reach is most beneficial for your specific use. Other times you may need less lifting capacity at a longer reach. Explain to JOMAC what you intend to lift with your new crane and we can help you make a decision on which would best suit your needs.

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