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Utility Service Bodies with A Difference byJOMAC

Body Model Width Side Height Side Depth
4001 80" 42" 14"
4002 92" 42" 20"
4003, 4004, 4006 96" 42" 20"
4009, 4011 96" 42" 20"
4005 108" 42" 20"
4007 80" 42" 14"
4008 80" 42" 14"

utility service truck bodies

Utility Service Bodies with Designed-In Differences pay Dividends

JOMAC leads the industry with superior design, construction and materials - setting JOMAC service bodies apart and above all others. JOMAC truck bodies work harder, look better and continue to deliver the industry's best return on investment.

Removing any doubts about the strength and durability of aluminum truck bodies, JOMAC customers respect the long working life and every day operational savings we delivery with every utility service body. In fact, lighter-weight means a reduction of wear and tear on each truck chassis and suspension, not to mention considerable fuel savings and a long-lasting memorable appearance.

But there's no sacrifice in terms of strength and durability - even under heavy use - because JOMAC's Utility Bodies are fabricated with high quality aluminum and other components that are proven and warranted to meet and even exceed expectations about steel truck bodies designed for heavy-use applications.

JOMAC Utility Body Advantages
  • 1/8" Diamond Covering Cabinet Shell
  • Automotive Rubber Door Seals
  • Stainless Steel T-Handles
  • 13-Gauge Adjustable Shelves with Dividers
  • Removable Tailgate
  • Flip Top Boxes

Focusing on the Business End of Your Service Body

By design, a JOMAC Service Body integrates the features and benefits you want and need to encourage productivity in your own business. These are the extra advantages included in every unit that can build operating efficiency and set the stage for long-term profitability while you are servicing your customers.

JOMAC takes great pride in carefully designing every component ... selecting every material grade ... laboring over every fabrication detail ... to provide you with a utility body that will reflect the high level of pride and service you exhibit to your own customers.

JOMAC service bodies are customizable with heavy-duty cabinets designed to your specifications. A full line of accessories including modular drawers and shelves are available to customize your truck body.

These are the details our repeat-customers count on with JOMAC body after body - to ensure every day productivity in their own businesses.

JOMAC Truck Body Advantages

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