Mechanics Truck Bodies

The Elite Mechanics Truck Body and Crane for Mechanic Service

Body ModelRatingWidthSide
700138,000 FT-LB96"48"145 CU FT
700350,000 FT-LB96"48"241 CU FT
700480,000 FT-LB96"48"176.5 CU FT
700580,000 FT-LB96"48"241.5 CU FT
700650,000 FT-LB96"60"218.5 CU FT
700750,000 FT-LB96"60"277.5 CU FT
700880,000 FT-LB96"60"218.5 CU FT
700980,000 FT-LB96"60"277.5 CU FT
701050,000 FT-LB96"48"255.5 CU FT
701150,000 FT-LB96"48"240.5 CU FT
701280,000 FT-LB96"48"308.5 CU FT
701380,000 FT-LB96"60"307 CU FT

Why Choose a JOMAC Mechanics Truck Body?

Our design-build philosophy is simple

We are committed to deliver strength, durability and customer cost savings that will last over the long haul

The advantage of JOMAC's Mechanics Trucks is simple: After many miles and many jobs our products can set the stage for profitable productivity while also saving you money. Aluminum Bodies by JOMAC utilize the finest materials. JOMAC uses aluminum as the basis of their mechanics bodies for it's superior strength-to-weight ratio.

As a result, you get rugged mechanics truck bodies that are light enough to measurably reduce wear and tear on transmissions, tires and engines while dramatically slashing fuel consumption - especially when compared to traditional steel-constructed mechanics service bodies.

Superior Fabrication & Construction

Beyond material advantages, a JOMAC Mechanics Truck Body benefits from superior fabrication techniques. For example, each unit is built with fully-gusseted aluminum crossmembers , welded on 8-inch centers (learn more about our Super Heavy Duty Truck Body Sub-Structure). Welding is done on a rotating fixture, enabling our craftsmen to weld in a flat position, providing maximum fusion and penetration at all times. A JOMAC truck body's superior construction and stylish presence has heavy equipment mechanics choosing our products time and time again.


A full range of options and accessories allow you to customize your Mechanics Truck to match your needs and optimize your potential for productivity. From colors to cabinet capacities, we consult with each customer before the build begins to make sure the end product is ideally designed and suited perfectly for it's intended use. A wide range of options are available such as vices, cabinet lighting, flood lights, safety light configurations, drawer units and much more.

JOMAC Mechanic Body Advantages
  • Whales Tail Latches
  • 3 Point Latches with Wear Pads at Each Latch Point
  • Full length Drip Rail for Extra Water Protection
  • 4 Each Galvanized Recessed D-rings in the Floor
  • Aluminum Wheel Well Skirts with Flare
  • 10" Double Panel Removable Tailgate
  • Aluminum Bar Grating Floor Support Providing Over 200 lbs. per Square Foot of Support
  • Exterior LED Lighting
  • Double Panel 13 Gauge Aluminum Doors

JOMAC Cranes - Made in the USA

In addition to service bodies, JOMAC manufactures a full line of Telescopic and Knuckle Boom Cranes at the same facility. Our customers find the ability to have their crane and body manufactured by the same company to be a huge advantage that begins during the design process and lasts throughout the ownership experience. JOMAC is here to service and provide support to you, our customer.

Outstanding Structural Integrity

Each JOMAC mechanics truck body is built to the highest standard by being fabricated with fully-gusseted aluminum cross members welded on 8-inch centers. These cross members are reinforced with a steel frame that they sit atop. This high-strength frame covers the full length of the body to integrate and support a crane, outriggers, and work bench. This is the extra strength and durablity you would typically see in a heavy-duty platform body but are standard features in a JOMAC truck body. A JOMAC truck body is a FULLY-FRAMED truck body, not a uni-body.

JOMAC Truck Body Substructure
JOMAC Truck Bodies

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