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Why Choose a JOMAC Truck Body?

Mechanics Truck Body

Body Design Process

When you come to JOMAC with highly specific needs for your truck body, we collaborate and create custom truck bodies designed precisely for a truck's or fleet's intended use. Consultation sessions ensure that the truck you come away with is exactly what you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We create highly specialized commercial truck bodies for our customers.

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Hand Built

At JOMAC we hand-build all of our service truck bodies. As a truck body builder, this allows for very precise detail and thorough inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process. Since every body is hand-built, each one is very unique. Assembly lines and self-propelled machines often miss detail and certainly run into problems from time to time. With JOMAC service bodies, we can catch those problems before the body goes any further. Hand-built products are of far higher quality and tend to exceed their own lifespan.

JOMAC is All About Aluminum

How does a body that doesn't rust, is more cost-effective at the pump and is easier on your truck's drive train sound? These are just a few of the reasons JOMAC is an industry leading truck body manufacturer. We build the majority of our truck service bodies from aluminum. Learn more about our aluminum truck bodies or try our fuel savings calculator.

JOMAC Truck Body Advantages

  • Outstanding structural integrity, backed up by JOMAC's 10-Year Return to Factory Warranty
  • Manufactured from Aluminum
  • Full Box Cabinet Design
  • ⅛" Cabinet Shell
  • ⅛" Diamond Plate Covering Cabinet Shell to Provide for ¼ Thickness on Top and Back of Cabinets
  • 13-Gauge Aluminum Adjustable Shelves with Dividers
  • High Quality Stainless Steel T-Latches, Hardware, Hinges & Spring Door Checks
  • Automotive Type Rubber Door Seals
  • Packard Electrical Connectors: a sealed positive fit connector for trouble-free wiring
  • Fully Customizable
  • LED Lighting
  • Manufacturer of Bodies & Service Truck Cranes
  • Workstation Options for Field Efficiency


JOMAC’s truck body cabinets are very versatile and highly customizable. Our cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and can come in nearly any size, shape and configuration you are looking for.

Full Box Design

JOMAC cabinets have double the durability and strength than the competition. Each JOMAC cabinet is individually crafted using a full-box design. The individual cabinets are then welded together to form a full set of cabinetry. Measure up and you will find that all JOMAC cabinets have 3/16" – ¼ double wall thickness on the back, top and between each cabinet, and that comes as a standard feature. To preserve your cabinets after they are constructed, a protective coating is applied to the outside of the doors.

Cabinet Doors

JOMAC 13-gauge aluminum cabinet doors are double paneled to withstand the test of time and handle all of the demands they will face on the road. Our doors can be customized with trays, bins and can holders providing you with an organized, highly efficient storage space. You can be sure your parts and equipment are safe and secure when being stowed in JOMAC’s cabinets. The doors are completely sealed with automotive-type rubber door seals. Our gas shock door checks eliminates cabinet doors slamming and preserves your door seals, leaving you impressed by how easily a JOMAC cabinet door opens and closes.

Customizable Cabinet Setups

JOMAC understands that all of your tools and necessities come in various shapes and sizes, that’s why are shelf standards are adjustable on 4” centers to allow you to customize your cabinet set-up after your new truck body has left JOMAC.

Functionality is of the utmost importance, and JOMAC surely has you covered. But, JOMAC’s cabinets also look great and stand out in a crowd! Your JOMAC truck body is sure to turn heads out on the road.

Shelves & Drawers

JOMAC cabinetry contains shelving options suited to optimize your work flow. 13-gauge aluminum adjustable shelves with dividers aid in separating and categorizing everything you need on the job site. Manual shelving can be placed and replaced to accommodate various types of cargo. Small parts racks and small box shelves help you keep everything organized and contained for quick discovery. Custom roller drawer shelves and tool drawers bring your tools right to you with easy access.

Truck Body Cabinet Drawers Truck Body Drawer Compartments
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