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Custom Fire & Rescue Truck Bodies

If you are in the market for rescue trucks, look no further than JOMAC. JOMAC has the technical understanding necessary to manufacture truck bodies that meet every requirement your jurisdiction puts forth. JOMAC hand builds fire rescue trucks from the ground up, which is a decisive advantage over our competitors when designing, manufacturing and integrating highly specific details. JOMAC has worked with State, County and Local Governments to develop custom fire and rescue vehicle bodies that meet their precise needs and exceed their expectations day in and day out. By Choosing JOMAC, you are taking a massive step toward your missions being accomplished efficiently and safely, for years to come.

Handcrafted from Aluminum

In recent years, automotive manufacturers have been steadily increasing the amount of aluminum components utilized in vehicle construction. Aluminum is steadily replacing steel in vehicle construction. Truck body manufacturer JOMAC, has known the benefits of using aluminum in the commercial transportation industry for years and we invite you to learn about all of the advantages our aluminum truck bodies will provide you.

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The Tools & Accessories You Need In Your Fire & Rescue Vehicle

Highly Customized Cabinets

JOMAC designs and builds custom rescue truck bodies and light rescue trucks that will accommodate all of your special tools and equipment. Our goal is to help you accomplish the tasks set forth by an emergency safely and efficiently. JOMAC understands the challenges of carrying large, heavy and oddly shaped equipment and have developed specialized cabinet solutions that ensure your specialized tools arrive securely and can be accessed quickly and easily. Highly useful Thru Cabinets are the width of your body and offer door panels on both sides of the body. Other common accessories that our Fire and Rescue Customers require are roller drawers and slide out shelves. Roller drawers and slide out shelving provide quick access to your equipment while saving precious space simultaneously. When it comes to making great use of the available space on your rescue body, JOMAC often equips our rescue bodies with cabinets that go all the way around the lower perimeter of the vehicle. This is a great way of making use of space that would otherwise go unused. Did we mention that JOMAC's cabinets are super strong and ready to handle almost anything?

Safety First

Emergency and rescue workers are constantly put into stressful situations. In order to help others and get the job done, their safety on the job site is imperative. Here are just a few of the ways a JOMAC Service Body can be customized to reduce risk and let workers focus on the task at hand.

Lighting & Visibility

A JOMAC rescue apparatus is integrated with highly specialized lighting solutions so that your vehicle is well lit and highly visible. Light Bars are commonly installed on the roof of our vehicles to alert passersby. LED Message Signage can be mounted atop of the vehicle so that traffic that may be affected is alerted of special information and instructions. Message Signage can be stowed away when the vehicle is in motion. Safety cone holders come in handy aboard your vehicle so that cones are always stored and used in a consistent manner. In addition to light bars, JOMAC offers LED Lighting that illuminates your rescue body cabinets, cabinet doors and the perimeter of the truck. This provides an extra level of visibility and safety out on the road.

Steps & Handles

Steps are required on many vehicles so that workers can get onto the surface of the body quickly and safely. JOMAC can outfit your body with side steps and/or a step bumper so that you have adequate access to the equipment stored on board. Grab bars are commonly mounted onto the truck body as well to aid the worker as they climb onto the bed.

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