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Aluminum Truck Bodies

Everybody, Meet Al!

Al - Aluminum Truck BodiesSay Hello to Al! Al decided it was a great idea to manufacture truck bodies from aluminum instead of steel and lo and behold Al's aluminum service bodies saved 50% in weight and had customers filling their fuel tank 33% less often! This has made Al a very popular guy!

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Fuel Savings Calculator

An aluminum service body is approximately one-third the weight of its steel counterpart. Less weight translates directly to fuel savings and more miles per gallon. Additionally, aluminum offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio (or specific strength) than steel. A light weight aluminum truck body allows you to carry a heavier payload without raising the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating).

Use of aluminum in commercial vehicle production is on the rise, but JOMAC has been manufacturing aluminum truck bodies since 1988. That is when we introduced the first Aluminum Propane Truck Body to the LP Gas market. Aluminum's sudden growth in popularity is partially due to it's carbon footprint, which is 20% better than steel.

The Benefits of Aluminum Truck Bodies vs. Steel

Aluminum has major benefits that have the capacity of maximizing your return on investment.

Below are just a few of the long term aluminum advantages.

  • Aluminum Service BodiesAluminum doesn't rust
  • Aluminum is much easier on your truck's drive train due to the weight savings in comparison to other truck body materials
  • Aluminum is ⅓ the weight of its steel counterpart
  • Aluminum truck bodies are much more cost effective
  • Aluminum is very strong and durable, allowing for many more options on your truck body of choice

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Infographic: Aluminum Is Taking Over The Transportation Industry

Please download and share our Infographic: Aluminum's Take Over of the Transportation Industry. Help Spread the Word About the Advantages of Aluminum!

Aluminum Truck Bodies Infographic

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