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JOVAC is the Original Hydraulic Propane Vapor Evacuation Pump Invented by JOMAC

The JOVAC features a high volume vapor pump hydraulically driven straight from your service trucks PTO hydraulic system. This specially designed hydraulic drive vapor evacuation is designed for use with most hydraulic systems.

JOVAC Propane Vapor Evacuation Pump
  • Lightweight - only 37 lbs. with hydraulic hose
  • Up to 20% faster evacuation speed with variable speed control
  • No engine, no gasoline - NO Sparks!
  • Minimal maintenance (Always check pump oil before use)
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Quick couplers for easy hydraulic connections

It seems like everytime we unleash a revoluntionary new product or idea, things get extremely busy around our manufacturing facility. That's exactly what happened when we introduced the JOVAC a revolutionary propane evacuation pump that utilizes your trucks hydraulic system for power.


The JOVAC eliminates the problems and dangers associated with bulky noisy, gas powered evacuation pumps. This means there are no sparks or high heat that may be associated with gas or electrically driven units. No need to carry gasoline, no problem starts in cold weather, no adjusting belts or slipping clutches, no more engine motor oil to check either since the JOVAC is driven by hydraulics.

The JOVAC Propane Vapor Evacuation Pump hooks into your propane service trucks hydraulic system with quick couplers supplied with the unit and when done, the compact, lightweight unit stores easily in a storage compartment or even inside the cab of your truck.

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