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JOMAC Mobile Cranes

High Powered, Flexible Hydraulic Cranes

JOMAC Mobile Hydraulic Cranes can be and have been mounted virtually anywhere. From Boats & Barges to High Rise Construction, from Military Equipment to Oil Rigs, from Rail Cars to last but not least Service Truck Cranes, JOMAC manufactures powerful mobile cranes that are flexible enough to be mounted where you need them. From small to big, JOMAC manufactures a full-line of Telescopic and Knuckle Boom Cranes serving a wide variety of needs.

Custom Designed Cranes

JOMAC has the unmatched ability to work hand-in-hand with our customers to produce a product that is superior in every way. Customers commonly approach us with what they view as difficult or impossible circumstances and we are able to develop a solution that completely fits their needs and exceeds their expectations. JOMAC prides itself on creating and maintaining a close relationship with our customers, this common thread has made us who we are. We are a company that is focused on high quality and serving our customer's complex needs, every step of the way. We engineer and build every mobile crane in one location so we have complete and total control of its design and function.

Inspection Process

At JOMAC Ltd. we do a very thorough initial crane inspection and we will certify that your crane to meet all OSHA standards. We have qualified technicians performing an inspection of over 30 points on every crane that leaves JOMAC. Being the original manufacturer, we are the most qualified inspector of our cranes and safety is our highest priority. Every crane that leaves our facility has been manufactured and inspected to help ensure your ongoing safety.

Manufactured and Serviced in the USA

Nothing is more frustrating than having to call multiple vendors and being forced to wait for overseas shipping or paying top dollar to receive a simple part that you require to get back to work. Every JOMAC crane is made of parts that are exclusively sourced from American companies. If you require replacement parts for your JOMAC crane, they can be easily located and your crane will quickly be put back into service. JOMAC has crane service centers across the country and also offers inside technical support to get your crane back in-service as quickly as possible. Rest assured that when you choose JOMAC, you are choosing a high quality American-made product backed up by a superior level of service for years to come. JOMAC warranties the structure of our cranes for 10-Years.


All of JOMAC cranes utilize US Customary Measurement Units so there is no need to convert measurements to metric when using our cranes. When you choose JOMAC you can ensure you are purchasing a product that has been held to strict manufacturing standards with a deep focus on optimized quality and long-term performance.

Mobile Crane Features & Options

  • Types of Mobile Cranes: Knuckle Boom & Telescopic
  • 2,500 PSI Hydraulic System
  • SAE Hoses and Fittings Used on Every JOMAC Crane
  • Overload protection system prevents operation of boom extend or raise in the event of an overload
  • Power Supply for Cranes can be from a PTO or other remote Power Source
  • Control Options include Manual, Wired, Wireless or Fully Proportional Wireless
  • Optional Attachments for All Cranes
  • Outriggers Options Include All Hydraulic, Manual or Auxiliary
  • All Cranes Supported by Service Centers and Inside Technical Support
  • 30-Foot Remote Control Pendant with Proportional Speed Control Standard on Telescopic Cranes and Optional on Knuckle Boom Cranes
  • Counterbalance Valves Integral to the Cylinders Protects from Boom Collapse in the Event of Hydraulic System Failure
  • Rotation System is Driven by Low Speed, High Torque Motor
  • Pivot Points are Machined to Exacting Tolerances
  • Chrome Plated, High Yield Strength Pins are Used on All Pivot Points
  • 10-Year Return To Factory Fabricated Structure Warranty
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