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November 11, 2014

The Benefits of a JOMAC
American Made Hydraulic System

What Does our 2,500 PSI System Actually Do?

To hydraulic crane specialists, JOMAC it means less downtime and more profit for you.

First of all, we think being American Made is something to be proud of. All JOMAC knuckle boom/articulating and telescopic cranes are made in America using high quality, dependable American SAE valves, fittings and components. Whether you are seeking a hydraulic truck crane or a hydraulic mobile crane for a different application, JOMAC can manufacture a solution precise to your needs.

So as the years go by and you need a replacement part for your crane, you can count on the fact that you will be able to find that part easily and inexpensively. This also saves you in regard to downtime. Less down means more production, leading to higher profits for you.

Explanation: How Hydraulic Systems Operate

Hydraulic Crane ValvesMany imported units operate at over 4,500 PSI. All JOMAC systems are 2,500 PSI systems. To understand the benefits we offer, you need to consider how a hydraulic system operates.

Most hydraulic systems consist of a pump, hoses and lines, cylinders and motors, valves, a cooling unit, a reservoir, filters and hydraulic fluid (oil). At the heart of the system is the pump. The pump uses energy from either a PTO drive from the vehicle or an electric motor to pump the fluid and create hydraulic flow.

All JOMAC Knuckle Boom and Telescopic Cranes use the PTO method, which allows for a 100% duty cycle. JOMAC never uses electric pumps. This also eliminates the possibility of downtime due to electric motor failure, which can be common.

The components of hydraulic systems work together initimately. As a result, damage to one component may cause further damage to others. For instance, overheated oil caused by a leaky cylinder seals or extreme pressures can break down and cause damage to other cylinders or the pump.

All of these components we just mentioned are susceptible to damage by high pressure. The higher the pressure, the more wear and tear on seals and rings.

Simple Math: Why Is Bigger Better?

Hydraulic Crane CylindersCompounding the problem of higher wear and tear due to increased pressure, high pressure systems allow foreign manufacturers to use smaller, cheaper cylinders.

Consider the mathematical formula for calculating cylinder pressure. Force = Cylinder Area x Line Pressure.

A system that operates on 4,500 PSI pushing on a 2 inch piston generates 9,000 ft.lbs. of force.

To generate the same amount of force a 2,500 PSI system like JOMAC uses requires a 3.6 inch piston.

The result; JOMAC uses heavier duty components, subjects them to less stress and therefore makes a longer lasting, more dependable and cost efficient product for you, our valued customer.