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JOMAC FacilityJOMAC Ltd. was founded by Owner and President Rich Jones in 1988. The company began as Jones Manufacturing in a small garage south of Carrollton, Ohio manufacturing heavy duty hand carts. As Rich Jones gained extensive fabrication skills and developed new methods of manufacturing, the product line soon grew and one garage turned into two and still, there wasn’t nearly enough space. Business picked up very quickly and the decision was made to move to a Carrollton, Ohio facility to keep up with the rapidly expanding business. Jones Manufacturing was changed shortly after the move to today’s shortened version, JOMAC Ltd.

Rich Jones, also the owner of Jones Propane, gained knowledge of the service industry by working hands on in the 1980’s and delivering propane cylinders out of his 1969 Ford Truck. JOMAC FacilityHe was determined to find ways to make truck bodies for the service industry a more efficient and time savings tool. When JOMAC Ltd. began manufacturing service truck bodies they were made strictly of steel. After finding steel was much too heavy and far too often trucks would get overloaded, they turned to its lighter alternative, aluminum. JOMAC LTD, being one of the first aluminum service truck body manufacturers, had a mission to design the lightest weight, most durable, heavy duty body on the market, and they succeeded.

In the early 1990’s Rich Jones started searching for a high quality crane to meet the same standards and compliment JOMAC Ltd.’s aluminum service truck bodies. Finally finding the same quality as JOMAC was producing they started purchasing cranes from an Iowa based company called Ekegard Cranes. JOMAC FacilityBy the late 1990’s JOMAC started building the cranes at the Carrollton Ohio facility with Fritz Ekstam of Ekegard Cranes. As the business proceeded to grow, JOMAC Ltd. expanded their product line to benefit more industries. They have now built aluminum truck bodies and hydraulic truck mounted cranes for various industries including militaries, oil and gas service, tire service, and many other industries worldwide.

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